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July 29th, 2015

Comprehensive Analysis Of EO Markets To Be Published This August By NSR

[SatNews] NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation (EO), 7th Edition, is the industry-leading analysis of the fast-paced global EO market.

Starting with the data from satellites, through to value-added services and on to information products, this completely revised NSR report offers the most comprehensive analysis of the fast growth EO markets for each vertical and region. 

With dozens of new and smaller satellites currently or planned for space-based imagery via a multitude of constellations, the influx of new Earth Observation data is reaching levels never before seen. From higher revisit to more spectral bands and higher resolution, the EO market is broadening and gaining more depth as its commercial appeal gains new users in new and traditional vertical markets.

EO7 offers unique analysis of 6 different vertical markets across 5 regions for 3 different instrument resolutions and 3 types of imagery (optical, SAR, video).  Furthermore, the study includes new analysis of imagery from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and demand for very high resolution SAR imagery, as well as video images from space-based sensors that are all offering a new dimension to the competitive landscape. The study provides an in-depth assessment of Defense and Intelligence, Managed Living Resources, Energy and Natural Resources, Industrial, Services and Public Authorities segments with a complete assessment and forecast of revenues across all regions over the next ten years.

The report answers critical questions regarding Satellite-Based EO:

  • What will be EO market size in the next 10 years?
  • How will each vertical market evolve?
  • How do government budgets impact satellite imagery demand?
  • How many new constellations will provide what imagery, and what will be their impact?
  • What is the market size from data, value-added services and information products by vertical, region and resolution?
  • When and how will very-high resolution SAR imagery enter the market?
  • What are the main uses of free data for EO products?
  • What is the main EO satellite operators’ market share by vertical and by region?
  • How will pricing of imagery evolve by type and by resolution?
  • Which markets will see the highest growth and demand across regions?
  • What will the new entrants mean to the EO competitive landscape?
  • How will data from UAS impact the satellite-based EO market?
  • What is the demand for satellite-based video imaging?

Bottom Line: How does NSR see the Satellite-based Earth Observation market develop and evolve over the next 10 years for each region and for each vertical and type of data?

Satellite-Based Earth Observation (EO), 7th Edition offers superior value by giving readers a completely updated evaluation of the market for satellite-based data and through hundreds of graphs and thousands of data points shows the evolution of the market so as to provide the most recent trends impacting demand by region and globally in the coming decade.