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March 30th, 2017

The Highway and the Skyway — New Better Satellite World Video Debuts...

When you talk on the phone, go online or watch TV, you probably don’t think about how it works. You’re just happy it does.

However, behind the faraway voices, the apps and the shows, there is a network that is made of wires and switches, radios, glass fibers and lasers, computers and servers, antennas on the ground and satellites in the sky.

That network is also made of people. People who work in places called teleports. Teleports are the nerve centers where the digital highway in the sky meets the digital network on the ground.

Building the Networks that Link Earth and Sky

Teleports take in the TV shows and movies, the news stories and commercials and turn them into a stream of programs beamed to your TV or mobile device. They build and run the networks that control airplanes in flight and let you use credit cards at a store. They bring the Internet to the screens of millions in developing nations, and make it possible for billions to use their mobile phones.

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