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March 17th, 2009

Until They Come Home — VSAT's Internet for U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq

TS2 for troops Connecting more than 15 thousand military with a local broadband satellite Internet network in Iraq and Afghanistan is an accomplishment that TS2 Satellite Technologies doesn't take lightly — this is their specialty — providing global satellite communication services in areas with poor telecommunications infrastructure. TS2 Satellite Technologies' basic transmission medium is a two-way transfer of data, which provides not only the Internet access and transfer of information within the network, but also voice communications. These services are very often used by defense industries, Special Forces and Army.

"We were among the first telecommunications providers in the satellite technology in the territory of Iraq and Afghanistan and as such we have enjoyed a successful cooperation with the US Army for several years now," says Marcin Frackiewicz, CEO of TS2 Satellite Technologies.

TS2 Satellite Technologies offer two-way high-speed Internet access with no phone lines, no cable, no dial-up modem. It's always on, available virtually anywhere, and affordable. The laptop, or WLAN network, can receive an Internet signal through a special satellite VSAT modem, which is usually set up in a building or tent when deployed.

TS2.2 To the soldiers stationed in the war-torn countries, one VSAT access point provides broadband access to the Internet; telephone connections including voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), IP phone and video-conference connections. In addition, soldiers can also transfer data to many other users simultaneously and share connections with others stationed in the same base.

Because of this the Internet access has resulted in major morale improvements. Troops no longer feel cut off from home. This is especially important for the many who are married, and have young children. Not all the Internet connectivity is just for staying in touch with the folks back home. The troops use the Internet a lot for professional tasks, and not all of them are official business. Some troops blog, and many other stay in touch with military friends and associates in other parts of the world. The Internet has made possible many online communities composed of military professionals.

TS2’s satellite military networks are located in Al Taqaddum AB, Bagram AF, Balad Airbase, Baquba Airfield, FOB Brassfield-Mora, LSA Adder Tallil, Camp Speicher, Camp Al Asad Air Base, Camp Bucca, Camp Buehring, Camp Charlie Basra, Camp Eggers, Camp Fallujah, Camp Grizzly, Camp Korean Village, Camp Liberty, Camp Mejid, Camp Ramadi, Camp Slayer, Camp Stryker, Camp Taji, Camp Victory, Fob Bagram, Fob Brassfield Mora, Fob Delta Al Kut, Fob Diamondback, Camp Falcon, Fob Garryowen, Fob Gardez, Fob Ghazni, Fob Kalagush, Kandahar Base, Fob Lagman, Fob Mchenry, Fob Marez, Fob Normandy, Fob Rustamiyah, Fob Summerall, Fob Sykes, Fob Salerno, Fob Torkham, Fob Warhorse, Fob Warrior, Herat RTC, Jallaabad Air Base, Kabul Airport, Kabul Camp Eggers, Kandahar Air Base, Lsa Anaconda Balad, Sather Air Base and Q-West Base Complex.

TS2 provides the following services in the Middle East & North African region: two-way Internet broadband access, Thuraya and Iridium satellite phones, VSAT Private Network, broadcasting services, SCPC/SCPC, SCPC/DVB, MESH services, STAR/DAMA, VSAT Mini Hub Solution, VNO and much more.