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October 13th, 2016

InfoSat-Laos Give 'em What They Want... Launches New DTH TV Platform On THAICOM 8

THAICOM 8 by Orbital ATK

The contract was signed and now there will be happy folks watching their favorite TV programs on more than 15 channels in standard definition and hi-definition formats. The contract between Thaicom Public Company Limited and InfoSat-Laos, a Direct to Home (DTH) satellite TV operator in Laos, states it includes the launch of its new DTH platform on the THAICOM 8 satellite.   

Under the agreement, InfoSat-Laos has signed a multi-year transponder agreement for Ku-band capacity on THAICOM 8. The deal emphasizes Thaicom’s ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) strategy and commitment to providing the region with premium satellite services. InfoSat-Laos builds the DTH platform to satisfy the increasing demand of Ku-band in Laos.

THAICOM 8 has a total of 24 Ku-band transponders which cover Thailand, South Asia, and Africa. Co-located with THAICOM 5 and THAICOM 6 at 78.5 degrees E longitude, THAICOM 8 entered service in July 2016.  The video channel neighborhood at the 78.5 E orbital slot is one of the leading in Asia for a variety of programming. Orbital ATK manufactured the satellite and SpaceX was responsible for the launch.  THAICOM 8 is designed to operate for more than 15 years.

Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, CCO, Thaicom Public Company Limited said, “THAICOM 8 supports the continued high demand for Ku-band capacity of the broadcasting industry in Asia and Africa as it transitions from standard definition to high definition and ultra-high definition. We are delighted to be able to support InfoSat-Laos’ business strategy. With its high signal-strength, THAICOM 8 is optimized to provide state-of-the-art TV broadcast services in Laos.”

Somsouk Souksavath, Manager of InfoSat-Laos stated, “InfoSat-Laos is looking forward to delivering broadcast services to our viewers on the THAICOM 8 satellite platform. We can now provide Direct to Home (DTH) satellite broadcasting services to our viewers nationwide in both standard definition and high definition formats."