Satnews Daily
December 22nd, 2014

A Hub Happening For Gilat In LATAM

[SatNews] A Telecommunications Service Provider (TSP) in Latin America has selected the High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) Multi-Spot Beam solution from Gilat Satellite Networks (Nasdaq:GILT) to provide Ka-band broadband services.

Gilat's SkyEdge IIc hub.

The TSP, which recently acquired five spot beams totaling 2.3GHz of capacity, intends to use its new HTS network to provide high-speed Internet service for multiple applications such as consumer, enterprise, mobility and airborne. According to the terms of the agreement, Gilat will provide a SkyEdge II-c hub with multiple network segments, VSAT terminals and related equipment. Additionally, Gilat will provide cloud-based Network Operation Center (NOC) management services. Roll-out of this project commenced earlier this quarter.

"Our technology supports multiple applications over the same platform very effectively," said Russell Ribeiro, Gilat's Regional Vice President in Latin America. "We believe that our strong local presence and support, combined with our knowledge and experience in network management, will provide our partner with a strong competitive advantage over the long term."

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