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Current Satellite News
December 22nd, 2014
The Lives Of Two Satellites Have Been Extended By DigitalGlobe
“We have now completed an extended period of investment in building out the world’s leading Earth Observation capability.”—Jeffrey R. Tarr, CEO of DigitalGlobe.
Additional APAC Coverage, This Time In The Philippines, For Gilat
"This partnership with Gilat and Delnet, combined with PLDT's own network capabilities, further boosts our coverage and enables us to provide connectivity and access where these are needed the most."—PLDT Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise, International, and Carrier Business, Eric Alberto.
ManSat...Increases in Free Enterprise In Space Is Impetus For Increases In Board Of Advisors... x 3
"...[the Company] s driving some of the most innovative and impactful commercial strategies that I have seen in the satellite industry in the past decade." 
Got 'Em For COTM—Exelis + Iridium Demo New Comms Capabilities For DISA
“This successful demonstration is the first step in a major capability evolution for DTCS.”—Mark Adams, Vice President + GM, Exelis specialty applications business.
Advancing GPS Modernization Occurs As Boeing Activates GPS-11F
“With two-thirds of the 12 Boeing GPS IIFs now on orbit, the constellation is setting new records for accuracy and the Boeing GPS IIF’s are consistently among the best performing.”—Dan Hart, Vice President, Government Space Systems, Boeing Network and Space Systems.
Having A Fling With A Fairing—Lockheed Martin's MUOS-3 Prepped For ULA Launch In January
“MUOS is a game changer in communications for our warfighters..."—Iris Bombelyn, Vice President, Narrowband Communications, Lockheed Martin.
Rapid Response Solution Deployed By Luxembourg Government, SES TechCom and HITEC Luxembourg
On behalf of SES and as a member of the NSCF-emergency.lu joint undertaking, we are pleased to provide the Luxembourg Government and their development partners with a satellite-based communication infrastructure...”—Gerhard Bethscheider, Managing Director, SES TechCom.
Delnet Philippines + Gilat's Sky Edge Has The Edge...Enables Countrywide Connectivity For The Distance
...with each adapting individually and automatically to weather conditions to ensure high availability at remote sites.
Satellite Structure Passes Qualification Testing For Millennium Space Systems
“All of the structural modes measured during testing matched our pre-test analyses and models."—Scott Dow, Millennium’s Director of Assembly, Test and Launch operations, Millennium Space Systems.
NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory...Readies Launch To Gauge Sun's Solar Speed Of Wind 
is the nation’s first operational spacecraft in deep space, orbiting approximately one million miles from Earth.
From Baikonur With Thrust, ASTRA 2G Aims For Lift Off
The satellite will have a launch mass of 6 tons, a wingspan of 40m, once its solar arrays are deployed in orbit, and a spacecraft power of 13kW...
Inmarsat 5F-2's New Year's Resolution...Get Launched In 2015
"...we’re right on track to deliver this world-leading global network to our partners and airlines.”
MTN Government Knows Xactly What They're Doing w/X-Band Antenna In Spain...The Largest X-Band In Europe
X-band antennas are configured to operate within both a global beam that is cross-strapped to a steerable spot beam and spot to pot beams.
Northrop Grumman Brings The Fire Scout MQ-8B To The USCG
"I'm confident that we'll demonstrate increased NSC effectiveness while lowering the Coast Guard's operational costs."—George Vardoulakis, Vice President, Medium Range Tactical Systems, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.
Airbus Defence and Space Second In Record For Longevity...This Satellite Must Have Taken All Its Vitamins
Expected to serve 10 years in space, this healthy satellite lasted 23.5 years.
A Hub Happening For Gilat In LATAM
"Our technology supports multiple applications over the same platform very effectively."—Russell Ribeiro, Regional Vice President, LATAM, Gilat Satellite Networks.
Hubble Reveals... Just In Time For The Holidays A Sweep Of Glitter In A Dwarf Galaxy
It is thought to have never had a dormant period—a period during which no stars were formed—lasting longer than 100 million years.
NASA... SpaceX's Milestone Approved... Bringing It Back To The U.S. Taxi Crews To The ISS
These contracts will end the nation's sole reliance on Russia and allow the station's current crew of six to ...
NORSAT BUCs Up An International Defense Electronics Company
“The ability to have high-level connectivity regardless of the location, conditions, or movement of the vehicle, plane or boat, is increasingly becoming a requirement from customers."—Dr. Amiee Chan, CEO, Norsat.
SES' Satellite Rapid Response Against Ebola In Guinea...Be Healthy w/B-LIFE
... this collaboration complements Luxembourg’s satellite-based rapid response platform, and SES’s support of the combat of Ebola...
Kratos Drones On and On...
Unmanned combat aerial systems from Kratos receive a new contract...