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November 8th, 2016

Registration Is Now Open for the 2016 GVF-EMP Conference Partnership Portfolio

One month remains before the London 2016 program in the GVF-EMP Conference Partnership Portfolio HTS Roundtable Series.

The first event is GVF AeroConnect 2016—The In-Flight Online Revolution—which will occur on November 11th at London’s Strand Palace Hotel and is sponsored by Hughes, Intelsat, and GoGo Air. Organized in association with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and HMG Aerospace (publisher of Inflight), this event focuses on the latest developments in the new broadband communications dimension to contemporary commercial air travel as well as on the increasing likelihood that the typical airline passenger cruising at 35,000 is now able to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues via voice, email, and social media, just as though on terra firma.
Martin Jarrold, GVF’s Chief of International program Development, commented that the Partnership will bring to the same London venue a further program, one that addresses the new technologies and services which fully enable the foundation of the new era, and the new dimension, of broadband communications and entertainment while in-flight, as well as of many other mobile broadband markets.

The program for High Throughput Satellite 2016 - Enabling a Brave New World of Opportunity will be as follows...

High Throughput Satellite 2016
This will be the seventh event in the HTS Roundtable series and the fourth to be held in London. Following a highly successful program held in Washington DC earlier this year, the London event is sponsored by Inmarsat, Hughes, SES, iDirect, Advantech Wireless, and Intelsat.
High Throughput Satellite 2016
Roundtable Session 1: The Operators… A New Focus from Orbit
Roundtable Session 2: The VARS… New Challenges in a New Game
Roundtable Session 3: Ground Segment… Evolved Dynamics
Roundtable Session 4: Is Mobility All That Matters Now?

Registration for GVF AeroConnect 2016—The In-Flight Online Revolution and High Throughput Satellite 2016—Enabling a Brave New World of Opportunity is now open.

Additional information about all GVF-EMP events can be obtained at uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/ or by contacting Martin Jarrold (martin.jarrold@gvf.org) or Paul Stahl (paul.stahl@uk-emp.co.uk).