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March 21st, 2017

Eurovision Gains C-Band Capacity on the AsiaSat 5 Satellite

Eurovision,  the  operational  arm  of  the  European  Broadcasting  Union (EBU), and Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. ( AsiaSat ), have expanded their  partnership  for  use  of  multiple  C-band  transponders  on AsiaSat 5 and a teleport service from AsiaSat’s Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong.

The C-band transponders will be used for occasional live sports and news transmissions in the APAC region. They will also support permanent TV channel distribution in Asia for EBU Members and customers. Eurovision and  AsiaSat have  partnered  together  since  1999  to  deliver  top  quality  sports  events  to broadcasters  holding  the  rights  in  the  Asia - Pacific  region,  including  major  football  leagues  and tournaments.

Artistic rendition of the AsiaSat 5 satellite.

The   collaboration   has   recently   expanded   to   4K   transmissions   of   major   events successfully delivered to the international broadcasting community. Over the years, AsiaSat’s space and ground facilities have been a key part of the Eurovision Global Network.  Connecting  AsiaSat’s  Tai  Po  Earth  Station  in  Hong  Kong  to  the Eurovision  FiNE  (fiber network) allows  Eurovision  to  provide  enhanced  value-added  services,  including  equipment  hosting, turnaround and uplink services to EBU Members and customers.