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February 26th, 2018

Nominations are Now Open for the 2018 35 Under 35 in the Space Industry Awards

The world’s leading open source think tank on the economics and commerce of space, the International Institute of Space Commerce (IISC), has announced the opening of nominations for the inaugural “35 Under 35 in the Space Industry.”

This will be a selection of 35 of the top professionals and enthusiasts in the space sector who are under the age of 35.  This effort is the brainchild of the team led by IISC Executive Director Rob Alexander.

 “We realized that there was a need for this,” Mr. Alexander explained, adding, “There is just not a lot of recognition for young people in space and space commerce.  We’re hoping that these awards will offer encouragement and exposure for the generations coming into the professional world.  We’re the only group that is doing this, and this is going to be the first of many years for this new initiative. Every CEO in the business should be pressing to get as many of their employees on the final 35 Under 35 Award list.  It signifies great things about the future of their company.

Alex Downie, OBE, the Chairman of the Board of the IISC, added, “The space industry has been around for a relatively short time but during that period we have seen the internet become essential, expectation immediate and recognition instant.  All this in the last 20-30 years and so it is timely that the Institute has recognized the contribution made by so many in an industry that captures the hearts and minds of so many under 35.  These young minds are bringing about new innovations that will drive us forward.   I am delighted that we are able to highlight this and reward those who contribute so much.”

Another feature that stands out about this award is the variety of backgrounds of those who are to be recognized. The IISC is calling for nominations for engineers, scientists, business-people, artists, authors, enthusiasts, teachers or anyone else that is making their own contribution towards our industry.  We are taking nominations from all over the world.  

This keeps with the values that are espoused by the International Space University, which is a founding member of the Institute.” Alexander added.

Nominations are open until April 1, 2018, and may be submitted via the “35 Under 35 in the Space Industry” website:

The submissions will be evaluated by a committee put together by the IISC:

  • Chris Stott, CEO of Mansat, LLC
  • Soyean Yi, Korean Astronaut, Author, and Inspirational Speaker
  • Jose Hernandez, Astronaut and CEO of Tierra Luna Engineering
  • Noah Rhys, CEO of YetiSpace
  • Chris Hadfield, Astronaut, Author, and Television Host

As part of a global outreach effort, the IISC is expecting to have more than 100 nominations for this recognition.

The International Institute of Space Commerce, based on the Isle of Man, is the world’s leading nonpartisan think-tank dedicated to the open source study of the business, economics, and commerce of space. Its goal is to transform the global discussion on space commerce working to solve the issues it faces today and tomorrow by driving forward the conversation with a marketplace of new ideas by providing this home for the exchange, discussion, and creation of new ideas in space commerce. 

Additional information is available by contacting Rob Alexander at,