Satnews Daily
December 10th, 2015

Advantech Wireless Gains Points As LAN-COM-East GmbH Germany Selects Point-to-Point Microwave Network 

[Satnews] LAN-COM-East GmbH, a privately held German company known for full-service terrestrial networking solutions and microwave links, has placed follow-on orders with Advantech Wireless for over 100 point-to-point microwave links. LAN-COM-East GmbH has an established reputation for Low-Latency network design and selected Advantech Wireless’ Transcend 800 series of Microwave Products to provide secure high availability leased lines and private networks to their customers.

“Our long term partnership with Advantech Wireless has grown not only through top level products, especially we also appreciate the intensive and high-quality support,” said Carsten Pueschel, Service Manager at LAN-COM-East GmbH. 

Transcend™ 800 Indoor Unit (IDU) Version with interface for 1xSTM-1/OC-3, 16 E1/T1 & 7 GigE interface

The frequency and power range of Advantech Wireless’s microwave offering meets the required flexibility and specific applications of LAN-COM-East’s customers by covering all bands from 5 GHz to 42 GHz. Advantech Wireless was able to meet an aggressive delivery and installation schedule in-part due to the flexible firmware based design of the Transcend 800. This unique capability gave LAN-COM-East a critical advantage in rapid deployment and efficient network rollout. 

“Advantech Wireless pays close attention to our customer’s needs by selling solutions that lead to higher revenues and lower operational costs. We have ported our industry leading innovations and experience in satellite networking equipment into our microwave products. The Transcend 800 is a disruptive technology platform for the microwave industry and does not share the risk associated with typical leading–edge technologies,” said Bojan Skulic, Terrestrial Microwave Communications Manager at Advantech Wireless. 

The Transcend™ 800 Microwave Radio from Advantech Wireless carries native video, IP and TDM traffic and is an affordable high capacity, high performance and flexible solution for demanding transmission, telecom and broadcast applications. It is available in a split-mount version and all-indoor configurations.