Satnews Daily
September 25th, 2017

SI Imaging and URSA Space Systems Now Enjoy a Geospatial Relationship

SI Imaging Services has signed a “Bulk Order Contract” with a geospatial data and analytics company URSA Space Systems Inc.

SI Imaging Services is a leading provider of VHR satellite imagery and is especially representative of KOMPSAT series — URSA Space Systems specializes in analytics using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery.

The main objective is to make a weekly monitoring based on the Area of Interest (AOI). With this agreement, SIIS will establish a specialized knowledge of the SAR and cooperate with the company's partner URSA to understand the analysis algorithms and to share the interfaces.

The KOMPSAT-5 satellite offers very high resolution SAR imagery up to 85 centimeters for detection of changes without weather concerns.