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September 13th, 2012

SkyStream’s Purchase Of iDirect’s Hub... Oil, Gas, And Mega Yacht Clients Enjoy Amazing Coverage

[SatNews] Luxury yacht owners and oil and gas clients will enjoy coverage of two thirds of the world...

Series 15100 & 15000 Universal Satellite Hubs (5IF/20 Slot)

VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that SkyStream FZ LLZ, a Dubai-based satellite service provider, has purchased an iDirect Series 15100 Universal Satellite Hub to extend and enhance the availability of its coverage for luxury yacht owners. The hub will also help SkyStream meet the growing needs of its oil and gas customers who operate on multiple continents. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Through its new iDirect hub, SkyStream will offer Ku- and C-band coverage using different satellites. With two iDirect hubs and one VNO located in Asia and Europe, SkyStream is now able to cover two thirds of the world, giving its oil and gas customers the ability to expand their private networks across multiple continents. In addition, giving yacht owners the ability to access next-generation applications like HD video conferencing, streaming HDTV and corporate VPN access from anywhere in the world without having to change satellite service providers or plans.

The iDirect Evolution platform delivers exceptional bandwidth availability, enabling SkyStream to meet the high Service Level Agreements that its oil and gas customers require to ensure that critical enterprise applications run smoothly. With advanced technologies such as Automatic Beam Selection enabling seamless connectivity between coverage areas and Adaptive Coding and Modulation allowing maximum uptime during inclement weather, iDirect enables SkyStream to provide its yacht customers with unbroken connectivity whenever and wherever they need it.

"As our customer base continues to grow in size and sophistication, the iDirect platform gives us the ideal technology to support our oil and gas and maritime customers globally. We have come to rely on the strength of our iDirect network to provide the kind of reliable connectivity that our customers demand, and we look forward to utilizing our new hub to extend our service offering. Riyadh Al Adely Managing Director, SkyStream.

"With its new hub, SkyStream has significantly strengthened its maritime service offering and enhanced its ability to offer always-on  connectivity—a critical value for both its yacht and oil and gas customers. The iDirect platform has long been the technology of choice for satellite service providers in the maritime industry, and we're pleased to extend our relationship with SkyStreamMajdi Atout Regional Vice President of Sales – Africa and Middle East, iDirect