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March 14th, 2017

A Trio of Info-Packed Days at CABSAT 2017 Thanks to GVF Collaboration

An enhanced collaboration between Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and Global VSAT Forum (GVF) will, for the first time, bring a total of three days of satellite industry-related conference dialogues to CABSAT in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The dialogues will bring contributions from 70 speakers representing global and regional organizations from the satellite solutions provider and user ecosystems, analysts, consultants, academia, and media entities, together with national, regional, and international stake-holding agencies and organisations. This enhanced continuation of a long-established DWTC-GVF partnership agreement—designed to bring a program of strategic debate on key issues for the satellite industry technology and service marketplace to the CABSAT exhibition environment at Dubai’s International Convention & Exhibition Centre at Dubai World Trade Centre—will comprise mutually-reinforcing programs of satellite industry and end-user perspectives through two conference programs—SATEXPO @ CABSAT and the GVF Satellite Hub Summit @ CABSAT. Both programs will be chaired by Martin Jarrold, GVF’s Chief of International Program Development.
On March 22 and 23, the Satellite Hub Summit—which features the kind participation of the International Telecommunication Union—will address:

  • Exploring Regional Market Dynamics
  • Satellite & the Next ITU World Radiocommunication Conference
  • High Throughput Satellites: Leveraging Advancing Technologies & Scaling Innovative Services to Evolve Larger & Emergent Markets
  • Constellations for Connectivity: The Low Earth Orbit Solution Re-born?
  • Mission Criticality: The Satellite Solution & the Humanitarian Crisis
  • Into the Mainstream: VSAT Communications-on-the-Move & the New Strategic Marketplace
  • Ensuring an Interference-Free World of Satellite Services
  • Integrating & Securing Our Digital World: Cyber Security for Satellite in a World of Big Data, the IoT & the Cloud
  • Perspectives & Strategic Take-Aways: The SATCOM Dynamics of a Connected World

SATEXPO, which takes place on March 21, will open with keynotes from the UAE Space Agency and Virgin Galactic, followed by a series of presentation and panel sessions covering:

  • The Entrepreneurs & Financiers of Satellite Start-ups (A Case Study—The successful partnership between government, and small companies for Brazilian Space Program, and its Small Satellite projects)
  • Space & Enterprise Partnership (Exploring the importance and relationship between commercial business enterprise and space); Opportunities and challenges for using satellite communications for military operations
  • Aviation (Improving connectivity in the cockpit & cabin)
  • Satellite Broadcasting (Idea Swap Regional Focus: What is the state of play in the MENA Satellite broadcasting market?)
  • Regional technology, challenges and opportunities for Satellite Communications (Case study)
  • Contribution and distribution challenges in the Middle East during crisis
  • The Satellite Synergy: Broadband telecoms for a mobile world

As of the date of this writing, approximately 50 speakers have confirmed their contributions to the GVF Satellite Hub Summit.

Martin Jarrold commented that this is a major three-day program which brings a significant and substantial value-added facet to the CABSAT experience for visitors and exhibitors alike. SATEXPO is an innovative addition to the already well-established GVF Satellite Hub Summit program, and the two events have vibrant and mutually-reinforcing synergies to promote analysis of an elevated dynamism in space and satellite issues in the region.