Satnews Daily
February 20th, 2018

Hispasat's Multi Million Dollar Agreement with Gilat ... Potential for Tens of Thousands of VSATs for Broadband in Mexico

Hispasat has made a big commitment by selecting Gilat's VSATs for a multi-million dollar contract. The potential is for tens of thousands of Gilat’s VSATs to be deployed over the next few years, as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ramp up their service to provide broadband commercial services in Mexico using Hispasat’s Ka HTS capacity of the Amazonas-5 Satellite.

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: GILT) provider of satellite networking technology, solutions and services will be enlisting Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c, multi-service platform, that uses the high throughput satellite resources delivering cost efficient bandwidth. The platform was selected to commercialize the full capacity of Hispasat’s Amazonas-5 Ka beams over Mexico, enabling Hispasat and its customers to offer a variety of services such as broadband internet services, WiFi connectivity in semi-urban and rural locations, and mobility applications to government and private sector clients.

“Gilat and Hispasat are cooperating in multiple projects around the globe, and we are now pleased to deploy Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c platform to maximize the benefits of our recently launched multi-beam Ka satellite, Amazonas-5,” said Ignacio Sanchis, Chief Commercial Officer at Hispasat. “Gilat’s multi-service cost effective platform is ideal for business development for Hispasat and its clients in Mexico, enabling quick service expansion to a variety of vertical markets.”

“We are honored to join forces and grow our business with our longstanding partner, Hispasat, to develop the Mexican broadband market, and see this deal in Mexico, as a significant step in delivering on our promise for regional recovery,” said Ron Levin, VP Global Accounts at Gilat. “We are excited about this collaboration and opportunity, and are pleased to deliver our SkyEdge II-c multi-service platform to bring quality, plentiful and affordable broadband to unserved and underserved regions throughout Mexico.”