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January 20th, 2014

NovelSat + Televisa—Ubiquitous Upgrades Ahead (SatBroadcasting™—Equipment)

[SatNews] Mexico-based Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, announced they will upgrade their entire satellite contribution network with NS3000 satellite modems from NovelSat.

In addition to retaining the Mexican broadcast rights for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Televisa is a major Mexican broadcaster with video links to the US where they distribute a broad range of Spanish language programming. These bandwidth-intensive activities demand costly satellite time, representing a significant operating expense. To support their growth trend, Televisa first implemented NovelSat NS1000 Modulators and NS2000 Demodulators in 2012 to replace equipment in their contribution network. Based on the success of those implementations, Televisa is now upgrading the entire contribution network with NovelSat NS3000 Modems, including in their DSNGs, flyaways and contribution stations. The NovelSat gear more than doubled the amount of video that Televisa was able to deliver per MHz compared to their existing equipment based on the DVB-S standard. Whereas Televisa was delivering up to 5Mbps over 4MHz with DVB-S, with the NovelSat NS3000, the Televisa data rate reaches 11.4Mbps.
Challenges facing satellite broadcasters in Mexico and all over Latin America include very limited, costly satellite bandwidth and transmission quality that does not consistently support the quality that HD broadcasts require. By streaming more high quality video through existing satellite bandwidth using NovelSat equipment, Televisa expects to improve the quality of HD video content contribution, without using more bandwidth. 

“Televisa saw that by increasing the data rate over our existing satellite bandwidth, NovelSat NS3 technology dramatically improves the quality of our HD video contributions,” said William Aguirre, Televisa Director of Satellite Operation. “At Televisa, we embrace innovation. When a new technology also significantly improves the quality of our signals, it makes it all the more attractive.” NovelSat NS3 technology built into NS3000 modems lets Televisa transmit two HD video channels over a 9 MHz pipe. Compared to the next best solution which can handle just a single HD channel over 6 MHz, NovelSat NS3 makes a compelling case. What’s more, using NovelSat modems, broadcasters can also use the same carrier for video, data and voice. Televisa takes advantage of this flexibility to control and communicate with remote DSNGs from the home studio without allocating extra satellite bandwidth. “Televisa has made a strategic decision to adopt NovelSat NS3 technology for their entire contribution network. That says a lot for the benefits that NovelSat is delivering to Televisa,” said Ron Barak, NovelSat VP Americas. “In addition to being the largest media company in Latin America, Televisa also has a reputation for innovation. These are some of the reasons that we consider this a very important deal for NovelSat.”

In the future, Televisa expects to continue to increase their offering of HD content and Ultra High Definition TV (4K UHDTV) for live and recorded content. NovelSat NS3 figures to play an important part in that strategy.

Access additional information regarding the NovelSat NS3000 satellite modem at this direct infopage link.

The Televisa infosite is located at: http://www.televisa.com/