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March 3rd, 2020

NOVELSAT's Solution for SATCOM Cyber Threats 

NOVELSAT has announced a comprehensive solution for mission critical SATCOM as the growing cyber threats to satellite communications requires new levels of security and protection for the crucial communications of a government’s military, defense, security and emergency organizations.

Designed to deliver highest levels of transmission security, robustness and resiliency, NOVELSAT secures the content, protects the transmissions and prevents interception. This comprehensive solution provides a wide-ranging security suite that encompasses functionalities and capabilities for communication security (COMSEC), transmission security (TRANSEC), low probability of interception (LPI) and low probability of detection (LPD).

NOVELSAT’s solution for mission critical satellite communications includes the following main features:

• Most advanced multi-layer encryption based on AES-256 and GPG encryption

• High efficiency proprietary waveform

• Highest data rates for video and data transmission

• High interference and jamming resiliency

• Comprehensive secured management sessions

• Advanced carrier and traffic concealment

• Sites authentication and paring

• Higher availability and coverage (including at the poles)

• Integrated video encoding/decoding/transcoding

• Adaptive Earth Observation (EO) connectivity


Aviv Ronai, VP Marketing and Product at NOVELSAT, said the company's solution for mission critical satellite communications ensures highly secured and efficient communications to government customers so they can deliver on their mission. Already in deployment by leading governments' organizations and contractors, NOVELSAT's exceptional technology helps customers meet their current and future challenges and make their networks safe.