Satnews Daily
February 16th, 2011

Global Crossing Genesis Solutions... Triple Set, Serve + Volley (Content)

[SatBroadcasting(tm)] Tennis enthusiasts across European Russia, Siberia and Ukraine recently enjoyed televised coverage of Australian Open 2011 from NTV-PLUS, a leading Russian satellite broadcaster, via Global Crossing (Nasdaq: GLBC) Genesis Solutions' extensive on-site special event transmission services. This is the third year in a row NTV-PLUS has relied on Global Crossing Genesis Solutions to support this event. Global Crossing Genesis Solutions provided NTV-PLUS an array of fully integrated services, including SD and HD video transmission paths, a data path to support communication services, and a combination of MPEG2 and MPEG4 compression technologies. All services were network protected, diversely routed end-to-end and monitored and managed by Global Crossing Genesis Solutions' on-site technical support, as well as by Genesis Solutions Network Operation Center and network engineering teams.

Additionally, FOX SPORTS Australia also offered extensive coverage of Australian Open 2011 via Global Crossing Genesis Solutions' on-site special event transmission services as offered to NTV-PLUS. The Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments held each year. This year, it was conducted from January 17 to January 30 in Melbourne Park, Australia. Global Crossing Genesis Solutions' support for clients broadcasting the Australian Open kicks off its annual support of all four major tennis grand slam championships in Australia, France, the UK and the United States.

The third broadcaster to use the Company's on-site, special event transmission services for coverage of the Australian Open 2011 to viewers in the United Sates was the Tennis Channel. Global Crossing Genesis Solutions' global customer base comprises some of the most recognizable broadcast and program distributors in the world, including leading sports networks, news broadcasters, sports rights holders, news agencies and international broadcasters.