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October 8th, 2018

The Space Foundation's 35th Space Symposium Now Accepting Abstracts for Presentation Papers

The Space Foundation is now accepting abstracts for papers to be presented at the Tech Track of the 35th Space Symposium.

Much like the main Symposium program, Tech Track will include featured speakers and a series of 20 minute "tech talk" presentations selected from a wide variety of submissions. The Tech Track sessions offer registrants an opportunity to hear from  government and industry leaders in space technology development.

Tech Track will be held on April 8, 2019, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, site of the Space Symposium.

Abstracts and papers must cover, or be related to, one of the following topics:

  • FutureSpace – New Gen, New Space, Old Space, Traditional Space and all sorts of other space all have a stake in the industry's future, and all have ideas for how to get there.
  • Developing the Future Space Workforce – including present and future space workforce challenges and needs. Some examples may be the next generation of space leaders, space education and "STEM and beyond"-related topics for future workforce development.
  • Space Policy – governance topics, treaties and space policy issues.
  • Space Exploration/Sciences – things people and space probes are doing to find out more about what's in space, on planets and other heavenly bodies.
  • Mission Space – for those who are conducting business, defense and civil missions using things in orbit. This could be in-space satellite deployments, in-space manufacturing, etc.
  • Space Data Products and Services – this would include things such as "big data," new space-originated tech, etc.
  • LaunchTime – launch vehicles and deployers, current and future activities.
  • Space Situational Awareness – this includes being aware of objects orbiting the Earth, near Earth objects, space weather and other things that impact satellite operations and Earth's inhabitants.
  • Mission Assurance – applied/recommended techniques and lessons learned to reduce risk for those working to get to space, and those working in space.
  • Proposed Space Technology/Service Solutions to Terrestrial Challenges – an exploration of challenges on Earth to which space might provide solutions.


Emphasis should be given to recent issues, activities or emerging technologies.

Abstracts will be accepted until November 16, 2018, and authors will be notified of acceptance by January 7, 2019. Abstracts should be submitted through the link on this page: www.spacesymposium.org/tech-track.

Past Tech Track presenters ranged in age, profession and background, including students, engineers, professors and lawyers. Whether from Europe, Japan, the U.S. or other nations, Tech Track presenters have provided valuable information and insight into the challenges they've faced and overcome.

Please direct questions to TechTrack@spacefoundation.org.

Register to attend the one-day Tech Track program on the 35th Space Symposium website at www.spacesymposium.org.