Satnews Daily
November 11th, 2019

Veterans Day, Lest We Forget...

Veterans Day, lest we forget...
They represent the United States of America.
They come from all walks of life.
They represent all ethnicities.


They are men and women.


They serve while they are in the prime of their lives.


They remember long ago battles, friendships, and harrowing experiences.
Some are physically, mentally or spiritually wounded.


All wear the scars of having seen things most others couldn't imagine in their worst nightmares.
They are our brothers and our sisters, our neighbors and friends.
Some were taken prisoner of war, and some are still missing in action.


We are free because they answered the call to the responsibility of
not just caring for their loved ones at home, but also for those people they'll
never know, and yes, even defending their enemies.
All gave some...


and some gave all.

Thank you to our veterans everywhere.

While Veterans Day for the U.S. is on November 11, 


Satnews Publishers recognizes 

that many nations' veterans are also protecting their countries,

and even though those nations have their special day of acknowledgement,

we include them in our tribute to U.S. veterans.