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October 1st, 2013

Orbit Logic’s SpyMeSat App Sends Alerts...Choose To Wear Camo Or A Smile

[SatNews] “Whenever I talk to people outside the aerospace industry about what I do they have so many questions...” 

Orbit Logic announced today that their SpyMeSat iPhone app is now available on the Apple App Store. The SpyMeSat app provides notifications when imaging satellites are overhead and may be taking your picture. A map shows orbit tracks and the location of satellites with upcoming passes over the user-specified location. Click on the photo to go to the App.

This is Orbit Logic’s first app targeted for consumers outside their standard customer base in the aerospace, defense, and government intelligence communities.

“This app is for everyone.” said Alex Herz, president of Orbit Logic. “Whenever I talk to people outside the aerospace industry about what I do they have so many questions.  I realized there was a place for an app to provide information, education and awareness about imaging satellites to a wider audience.  And it’s fun for aerospace industry insiders too!”

The SpyMeSat app uses NORAD orbit data published online by and available public information about commercial and international imaging satellites to compute and dynamically display satellite overflights and imaging pass information. The app user can drill down to see additional details about each imaging opportunity, and the app provides a page describing each satellite for those who want to learn more.

SpyMeSat users can configure the app to enable or disable individual satellites, change the location of interest, enable or disable various notification options, and specify the resolution limit for computed passes.

Orbit Logic can create custom SpyMeSat solutions for any constellation of satellites. With a custom SpyMeSat solution, authorized users can make satellite tasking requests directly from the mobile device.