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December 8th, 2015

Indosat Ooredoo Gets Down To Business To Help Businesses Win in a Digital World

Introduces solution-based services which help customers explore new revenue streams, optimize cost efficiencies, and enhance end-customer experiences

[Satnews] Earlier today during its third annual ICT conference “A New Way of Doing Business” Indosat Ooredoo Business explored how Indonesia’s digital nation is changing the business landscape for all involved, from SMEs to multi-national corporations (MNCs).

Indosat Ooredoo Business believes that every business has the potential to be the game changer and change their business landscape. Focusing on digital opportunities, Indosat Ooredoo Business emphasized that success depended on finding the right ICT partner and working together to tailor implementation and management of technology to each business’ individual needs. 

Indosat Ooredoo President Director and CEO, Alexander Rusli said, “As we build Indonesia’s leading digital telco we are also here to support the nation’s businesses as they adapt to the fast-changing world around us.  Businesses that embrace  ICT have been proven to increase efficiency, profitability, market valuation and revenue.  We want to be the partner of choice for those who want to use technology to achieve sustainable business growth and enjoy a variety of business opportunities while also delivering the best experience possible to their customers.”

Indosat Ooredoo Business now provides more than just infrastructure and communication service, such as 4G mobile data and internet. Moving forward, Indosat Ooredoo Business will develop digital application and Big Data to help businesses in utilising and analysis data and asset, hence enable them to improve cost efficiency and expand their business. 

During the ICT conference Indosat Ooredoo Business also launched  Smart Connectivity, as a Value Added Services (VAS) that can be used by their business customers to read, monitor, and control bandwidth usage of all IP-based connectivity services at their premises. Moreover, Customers can add on to this service through an on demand facility to cater to their needs. For example, bigger bandwidth in certain times to bring a more stable and faster network support for video conference with their branch offices.

Moreover, Indosat Ooredoo Business has succeeded to achieve ISO 27001:2013 international certification for Information Security Management System implementation that ensures the company’s IP-based connectivity service’s safety and security is accordance with international standard. 

At the same event, ISO 27001:2013 certificate was awarded to Indosat Ooredoo Business by Anwar Siregar from British Standard Institution (BSI) to Herfini Haryono, Director and Chief Wholesale and Enterprise Officer Indosat Ooredoo. 

“ISO 27001 certification proves Indosat Ooredoo Business’s committment in providing the best and most secured information service to our business customers.” Herfini explained. Furthermore, Herfini said that this certification is a part of Indosat Ooredoo Business transformation.

“Through this transformation, we bring solutions that are reliable, simple, and innovative, thus making our customers’ business growth easier,” explained Director & Chief Wholesale and Enterprise Officer Indosat Ooredoo, Herfini Haryono. “Indosat Ooredoo Business also caters to all business segments and all industry sectors with our comprehensive solutions.”

Furthermore, Herfini explained that Indosat Ooredoo Business acknowledges that business growth is not an easy path. Every business owner shares at least three similar business objectives. They are always in the pursue of a more effective revenue streams, a more efficient operational cost, and a better way to serve the customers. 

Therefore, Indosat Ooredoo Business now shifts their focus in order to help businesses to achieve those three business objectives: Supporting customers in growing new revenue streams through products such as DompetKu and M2M;  Helping to optimize and improve cost efficiency through products such as Managed Services, Pro Talk and Pro Smart packages; and Assisting customers to enhance customers experience by providing an easier and a more interactive way to connect with their end-customers through products such as Unified Communication and Pay-Up.

“Through these three focuses, Indosat Ooredoo Business is here as partner to help and make ICT implementation and management easier for every business, supporting business owner to achieve sustainable business growth and explore various opportunities, “ added Herfini.