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November 10th, 2014

A Dynamic Jabiru-1 Move By NewSat With GMV

[SatNews] NewSat has awarded GMV with a contract to provide the flight dynamics system for Jabiru-1.

Artistic rendition of the Jabiru-1 satellite.

The flight dynamics system will provide the ability to determine the position and the orientation of Jabiru-1, enabling the planning and execution of required maneuvers. As the Jabiru-1 satellite is co-located with other spacecraft, the flight dynamics system is essential to ensure accurate orbital positioning is measured and maintained. Flight dynamics systems provided by GMV support a range of different mission types, such as scientific, earth observation, telecommunications, orbital transport and infrastructure, navigation, space exploration and military missions.

Jabiru-1 is Australia’s first commercial Ka-band satellite and will deliver more than 7.6GHz of “new” capacity, providing flexible Ka-band coverage to meet the growing demand from government and enterprise across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Commenting on this key ground system procurement for Jabiru-1, NewSat Chief Technology Officer, David Ball, said, "This contract with GMV represents a further milestone in the ground system implementation to support the Jabiru-1 mission. We have also just successfully completed the Critical Design Review of the GMV Flight Dynamics System for Jabiru-1 and look forward to the system delivery and integration in 2015.”

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