Satnews Daily
September 30th, 2018

La Compagnie Airline's New A321neo Aircraft to Provide Viasat's Unlimited High-Speed Wi-Fi to All Passengers   

With two flights daily between New York and Paris, this exclusively business-class boutique airline, La Compagnie, is equipping their new A321neo aircraft with high-speed Wi-Fi capabilities after a partnership with Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT).


Deployment of the new in-flight Wi-Fi service is scheduled for April 2019—making unlimited in-flight connectivity available to all 76 passengers onboard, and they will all be equipped with 76 full flat seats for an even more comfortable business-class experience.

The boutique airline selected Viasat because its unique satellite design has the ability to meet connectivity demands even in high-density areas, like major airport hubs and congested air corridors—all at unprecedented prices for the passenger.

The new La Compagnie A321neo.

Jean Charles Périno, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for La Compagnie stated that they are excited to offer unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi to all the passengers onboard their new aircraft. Viasat’s in-flight connectivity has unmatched speed, quality and affordability so everyone onboard can experience the internet just like they do in their home or office. Business-class democratization is in their DNA. This is a perfect match with Viasat’s solution: they will be offering this unlimited Wi-Fi access at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions, following their low-fare approach. They are proud, as a small airline, to have the best in the market to offer to their passengers. 

As a result of this partnership, all passengers will be able to go beyond curated entertainment with amplified internet access throughout their in-flight experience, which rivals connectivity standards on the ground.

Don Buchman, vice president and general manager, Commercial Aviation at Viasat said that La Compagnie is reinventing the business-class experience, giving passengers uncompromised service quality and high-end perks, which include having Viasat’s best-in-class Wi-Fi service on board. Given La Compagnie’s primary flight routes over the Atlantic, they will use Viasat's latest satellite system, ViaSat-2, giving passengers an optimal connectivity experience—with industry-best speeds, performance and reliability—gate-to-gate.

La Compagnie’s exclusively business-class A321neo aircraft are scheduled to operate between New York and Paris from April 2019.