Satnews Daily
September 30th, 2015

AQYR Technologies' Are Infused With An AFRL Contract For Portable Satellite Receive Suites

[Satnews] AQYR Technologies, Inc. announces the company has been awarded a $100 million indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity production contract.

The contract allows AQYR to provide Global Broadcast Service (GBS) Rucksack Portable Receive Suites (AN/PRS-12) and Suitcase Portable Receive Suites (AN/PRS-11), spares, training, support and engineering services to the Air Force and other branches of the U.S. military. This sole-source award is the result of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initially granted by the Air Force Research Laboratories. Initial funding of $13.95 million was received at the time of award. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, is the contracting activity.

AQYR Technologies' AN/PRS-12, shown deployed.

Both systems are highly-portable, rugged satellite receive suites that can be deployed and operated by a single user. The AN/PRS-12 weighs just under 20 pounds in tactical carry mode and the AN/PRS-11 weighs just under 32 pounds. Earlier configurations have been in service with Special Operations forces deployed overseas.

The battle-proven Portable Receiver Suites (PRS) bring crucial command center information and data to the in-field Warfighter, substantially improving mission success probabilities and saving lives. The PRS can withstand a variety of adverse environmental conditions, including high humidity, blowing sand, rain, and extreme heat/cold. Satellite acquisition time is approximately 3 minutes due to AQYRs patented auto acquisition capability.

The systems provide access to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) video and imagery; weather, terrain, geospatial and mapping information; Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) imagery; streaming video, web content replication and other large files. AQYR developed the PRS under the SBIR program and was recognized with a 2011 Tibbett’s Award from the Small Business Administration for advancing technological innovation and economic growth.

AQYR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Windmill International, Inc. AQYR develops, designs, manufactures, and supports compact, auto-acquisition Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) and accessory products for both commercial and military markets.