Satnews Daily
December 11th, 2016

China's Dong Neng-3 Anti-Satellite Test Should Be Worrisome For National Defense

According to a report authored by Ari Yashar in the Israeli National News, a test of a new missile described as "advanced" has been tested, one that could possess the necessary capabilities to eliminate US or other allied satellites which, in turn, would weaken the defense systems of targeted nations.

An artistic rendition of the flight of a Chinese Dong Neng-3 missile toward an on orbit satellite.

Image is courtesy of Dartmouth Center for Seapower and Strategy, Plymouth University.

As Ari writes, this could well be an indicator that Beijing is gaining an upper hand in space warfare. China has conducted a test of an advanced new missile that could knock out US satellites and wreak havoc to the American defense industry, indicating Beijing is gaining the upper hand in space warfare.

The craft, known as an exoatmospheric vehicle, was tested on October 30th and was initiated from western China's Korla Missle Test Complex. The Dong Neg-3 missile is described by the press in China as a missile defense interceptor all the while revealing that this craft is actually of the direct-ascent type—a satellite killer. Contrails near the city of Korla in Xinjiang province were evident of the Dong Neg-3's launch and were avowed by the infosite that these were signs of a mid-course, anti-missile test. Then, a few days later, a report from a Hong Kong observer indicated that the Chinese had conducted a final-phase interception test in the upper atmosphere.As of this writing, the US State Department and Pentagon officials declined to comment.

The Washington Free Beacon's infosite, in a feature article by Bill Gertz, offers more details regarding this test and the publication also reveals that in a forthcoming report by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission in Congress that such tests by the Chinese are definitely intended to destroy satellites. To read the complete Washington Free Beacon article, please access this direct link to that report. The aforementioned report that seven such anti-satellite tests have been conducted by China, with this latest revelation bring the total to eight tests.

Back in November of 2015, such activities were the subject of editorial concerns in the Ethiopian infosite Amharic Drama where an interesting report regarding China's capabilities in regard to destroy US satellites was published—simply access this direct link to read that article...