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December 31st, -0001

Global Satellite Launches Small But Intelligent Iridium 

GlobalSatellite Global Satellite USA, a satellite solutions provider, launched its MCG-101, an intelligent Iridium PBX, which is a powerful and versatile Iridium communications system for offices, remote locations, military, aircraft, oil and gas, mining and marine applications. The system has an intelligent solution for Iridium satellite phones to operate as a telephone, Internet gateway, GPS device, send/receive SMS and attach to other devices through RS232 or CAN bus. The MCG-101 is daisy chainable so that it can connect with multiple simultaneous communications. Installing the unit only requires power, a SIM card and an external antenna.  To connect to the internet is as simple as connecting your computer to the Ethernet Port. The MCG-101 is very portable, weighing just only 4lbs and measures 2 inches high by 8 inches wide by 8 inches deep.  Overall, the MCG-101 is the ultimate Iridium telecommunications system available to fulfill the needs and demands of today's business, marine, or military needs.  The MCG-101 satellite PBX system innovates Iridium technology.

  Martin Fierstone, CEO and President of Global Satellite USA, comments, “In continuing to deliver the latest high quality technology that provides the satellite industry with the most competitive value in the market, Global Satellite has developed a single channel Iridium PBX that operates anywhere in the world as a telephone, internet portal, GPS and SMS device all in one package.

  The MCG-101 has been developed with “customizable” needs in mind so that the Iridium satellite PBX allows users to integrate new projects or adapt existing projects, either onsite or offsite over the Internet.

  The MCG-101 utilizes 100 percent digital technology providing clear, true to life audio, and eliminating internal echo problems. The MCG-101 includes a standard analogue telephone RJ11 interface with a hardware echo canceller.