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February 6th, 2017

Cloud Free Mosaic Land Masses Presented By MDA Information Systems

MDA Information Systems LLC (MDA), a firm that provides geospatial and advanced information solutions to government and commercial customers, has released their NATURALVUEï½® 2.0 which, according to the company, is the only global, commercially available, cloud-free, seamless mosaic using current imagery.  

All the land masses of the Earth, except for portions of Antarctica, were acquired with new Landsat 8 imagery, making this the only commercially available up-to-date global mosaic.  NATURALVUEï½® 2.0 is 99.99 percent cloud free, with improved positional accuracy, color fidelity and enhanced spatial resolution. NATURALVUEï½® 2.0 global coverage provides a seamless basemap for geospatial and web-based mapping applications, military/defense logistics, GIS backdrops, flight simulation, cartographic mapping and 3-D visualization, and GPS tracking.