Satnews Daily
November 14th, 2011

Arianespace + DIRECTV... Latin American Influx (Satellite)

[SatNews] The new contract will find a new satellite launch in 2014...

Arianespace and DIRECTV have a new launch contract for a satellite providing services for DIRECTV Latin America. The launch will take place in 2014 from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on an Ariane 5. DIRECTV has exercised an option in their multi-launch contract with Arianespace for the launch of an additional satellite that will provide services for DIRECTV Latin America. Arianespace has already been contracted to launch DIRECTV-14 and 15 within the same time frame. This new contract is the 9th signed in 2011 by Arianespace for the launch of a commercial satellite. DIRECTV will use the satellite capacity to expand the delivery of high definition, 3DTV and cinema programming across Latin America. The satellite, under construction at Space Systems/Loral for DIRECTV, will have a mass of approximately 6.3 metric tons and is scheduled for delivery in 2014. The satellite will be located at the 95 degrees West orbital location.