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October 22nd, 2018

NASA Selects Orbit Logic's STK Scheduler Software for Use On Restore-L Spacecraft Mission

NASA has selected Orbit Logic’s STK Scheduler software for the Restore-L technology demonstration mission.

During this mission, the Restore-L spacecraft will demonstrate the technologies required to rendezvous with, grasp, refuel and relocate a government-owned satellite.

Artistic rendition of the Restore-L servicer spacecraft robotically repairing a satellite. Image is courtesy of NASA.

Restore-L selected the Orbit Logic solution because STK Scheduler’s timing and event constraint checking, along with its auto-sequencing features, will provide NASA with an adaptable tool to perform Restore-L’s highly complex mission timeline and sequencing.

Restore-L is a technology demonstration mission planned by NASA for the on orbit servicing and refueling of a satellite not designed to be serviced. The project is currently in formulation and planned for launch in 2022.

Given that Restore-L is both complex in its rendezvous and servicing tasks, and is being executed in LEO, schedule visibility for radio frequency (RF) communications is critical to mission success. Strict rulesets and mission constraints, coupled with RF communications, must be cross-referenced for specific servicing tasks and approach sequences.

STK Scheduler supports the configuration and implementation of all Restore-L scheduling constraints out-of-the-box, allowing for quick initial deployment, testing, and use in pre-launch planning, simulations, and on orbit mission execution at a fraction of the cost of custom software development.