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Current Satellite News
October 22nd, 2018
Avineon Introduces Metrics Extension™ in the ArcGIS Marketplace
As a key component of Avineon’s Ability Accelerator, the Metrics Extension empowers GIS and IT departments with baseline reporting for data...
United States Enlists Thales’ Advanced Ground Segment Technology to Respond to Distress Signals
MEOLUT Next is the only solution in the world capable of processing second-generation beacons in real-time.
UltiSat to Provide Prime with MILSATCOM Services for USG Customer
The managed COMSATCOM services, which will be continuously accessible by Government-furnished VSAT operating across North America...
Russia to Err on Side of Caution ... Conducting Unmanned Launches Before Sending Up Manned Mission
The Soyuz rocket will be launched only after the inquiry has identified the causes of the emergency and measures have been taken to prevent ...
Nine Search & Rescue Systems Spanning Five Continents Prepared by Orolia's McMurdo Subsidiary
milestone with the world’s first operational Medium-altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue system in 2011, completing all global MEOSAR system...
China Moons Chengdu ... with an "Artificial Moon" Satellite to Reflect Sun Into a City
The chairman also said that the artificial moon would be brighter than the actual Moon, but did not state how much the project had cost ...
'Duck and Cover' as the Space Junk from a Satellite Lands in a Farmer's Field
It's unclear where the rest of the satellite crashed.
The CNES Microscope Satellite Engages in Passive De-Orbiting
Microscope’s mission has come to an end with the depletion of the nitrogen fuel reserves needed for the satellite’s precise control microthrusters...
Young Talent Award Goes to ... MEASAT’s Principal (Young) Engineer
APSCC to ensure a healthy future for the satellite industry and to attract and retain young talent to the satellite and space industries in Asiaâ€
Euroconsult Reports Market Prospects for Satellite-Based EO Could Reach $2.4 Billion
The EO market for value-added services (VAS) should reach more than $5.7 billion by 2027; potential new service areas with entrants focusing on...
Tirelessly Ariane 6 Vinci® Engine Passes Final 148th Qualification Test Achieving Several 'Firsts'
Vinci® will be able to re-ignite as often as necessary to place several payloads into orbit at different locations ...
Phasor's Senior VP Operations ... He Has Had a Fabless Career
Warren will lead the development and execution of Phasor’s global supply chain and outsourced manufacturing strategy and will assume overall...
NASA Selects Orbit Logic's STK Scheduler Software for Use On Restore-L Spacecraft Mission
use in pre-launch planning, simulations, and on orbit mission execution at a fraction of the cost of custom software development.
China's Ambitious Plans Continue ... Getting Ready to Launch Gravitational Wave-Detecting Satellite
The first detection was the result of a collision between two black holes that were "29 and 36 times larger than the Sun."
Trio of Satellite Operators Claim C-Band Alliance Has Shut Them Out
the probable windfall should logically be shared between the trio, who say that while they currently do not have operational C-band capacity over the U.S.,
Series B Funding for Vector Completed Successfully
Kodem Growth Partners will help Vector achieve the firm's ultimate goal of positioning the company for an eventual initial public offering (IPO). As part...
They're Listening ... Bosch and Astrobotic Study Deep Audio Analytics on the International Space Station
analyze these subtle acoustic clues and determine whether a machine, or a single component of a machine, needs to be repaired or replaced.
Sky and Space Global Completes the Critical Design Review of their Pearls Smallsats with GomSpace
The review concluded that the design presented by Gompace to SAS complies with the CDR requirements and the Pearls can progress to...
C-Band Alliance ups to 200 MHz their FCC proposal for U.S. 5G deployment
The proposal increases by 80 percent the amount of spectrum that could be made available for 5G terrestrial use as compared to the initial proposal ...
U.S. Military Ambassador Jill Kelley To Outline New Satellite Cybersecurity Venture at DC5G
Jill Kelley became a focus of media coverage when her name was leaked as part of an FBI investigation that led to the resignation of CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus in 2012.