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June 8th, 2015

Head Of Roscosmos... Russia Will Keep On Keepin' On... Launching Manned Vehicles From Baikonur Until 2024

Igor Komarov Roscosmos' Head of the Federal Space Agency

[SatNews] Russia is going to keep launching manned vehicles to the ISS from Baikonur until 2024 and then shift to manned programs to Vostochny spaceport. This is according to Igor Komarov, Roscosmos' Head of the Federal Space Agency, which was reported in the course of his business trip to Amur region.

“We plan to perform manned launches from Baikonur until 2024. As expected we will go on working with our international partners on ISS program until 2024.

According to Komarov, after 2024 the manned program will be shifted from Baikonur to the new Russian spaceport Vostochny. From this spaceport they will launch Soyuz-2 boosters and Angara medium and heavy boosters.

The first booster will be in 2018. Construction is expected to be finished by November 30, 2015.