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October 31st, 2014

Sold Out — GTX. Corp.’s Initial Q1 2015 SmartSoles Delivery Spoken For

[SatNews] GTX Corp. (OTCBB: GTXO) has officially entered the volume production cycle for its GPS SmartSoles, with the expected first delivery to occur in late December.

The GPS SmartSoles are being manufactured in partnership with Atlantic Footcare, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of orthotic insoles for over 20 years and strategic partner of the Company.


“We have hit a true tipping point with this initial production run of our patented GPS SmartSoles,” said GTX Corp. CEO Patrick Bertagna. “All of the units in the first delivery are already spoken for with our current backlog and demand, from high profile pilot programs to actual orders we have received in the recent months. Shipping these units in the field starts to build upon our channel partner pipeline and recurring revenue base of installed units, and more importantly allows us to start shipping production units to our potential large accounts transitioning out of their pilots into a commercial status. We have put into production a four-month rolling forecast expecting delivery of the first units to arrive and be deployed by late Q4 2014 throughout Q1 2015.”

“We have been extremely pleased from the high quality standards implemented by our manufacturing partners, which use the highest quality and most advanced GPS and Cellular electronics, designed and assembled in Germany, before being manufactured into insoles in Rhode island,” said GTX Director and Head of Product and Business Development Andrew Duncan. “Our decade plus experience in the wearable GPS market and close ties and heritage to the technology and footwear industry have allowed us to develop, patent, manufacture and bring to market a state of the art product, garnering worldwide attention, in a short period of time.”

The GPS SmartSole features a miniaturized GPS and cellular tracking chip embedded in a comfortable, cut to fit, water resistant insole, providing the ability to track persons of interest remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The GPS SmartSole is powered by an inductive charging rechargeable battery that lasts three to five days on a single charge.

“The interest and demand for our GPS and BLE SmartSole products increases every week,” said Bertagna. “From the media buzz to assisted living facilities, police departments, security agencies and caregivers of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, Autism and TBI are stepping up to be the first users of the SmartSoles. The recent current events have also sparked interest from the UN to track health workers in West Africa along with support staff and journalists in the Middle East.”

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