Satnews Daily
November 23rd, 2015

Unlocking The Potential Of IoT... Via Satellites... CompTIA, Space Enterprise Council + SIA Webinar Upcoming...

[Satnews] The Internet of Things (IOT) has the promise to revolutionize our nation, making everything more efficient and intelligent.

According to IDC’s 2013 estimate, there are now 9.1 billion connected “things,” with that figure rising to about 28 billion by 2020 and more than 50 billion by 2025.  The IoT ecosystem is enormous and is projected to result in over $2 trillion in economic impact in the next decade.

One of the often overlooked components of the IOT ecosystem is the integral role of satellites.  To realize its full potential, the IOT cannot survive without the support and engagement of the satellite industry.  Satellites play a pivotal role in such areas as:

  • Connecting remote assets
  • Driving the use of sensor networks
  • Transforming transportation infrastructure
  • Developing sustainable cities
  • Connecting cars
  • Collecting fitness data
  • Facilitating mobile banking and retail

Key M2M/IOT via satellite sectors include the military, transportation, cargo, and oil & gas.

Please join us for a December 4th webinar jointly hosted by the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council and the Satellite Industry Association (SIA) that will explore the critical role that the satellite industry plays in driving IOT growth. Registration for the webinar can be accessed at this direct link.  The webinar will start promptly at 2:00 p.m. ET. The featured speaker will be Jim Armor, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret) | Staff Vice President | Washington Operations | Orbital ATK.

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