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February 1st, 2016

SDA To Assist Members With The Interference Struggle

[Satnews]  As part of a continued drive to improve the integrity of satellite services, the Space Data Association (SDA) announces the launch of a new geolocation support service for its members.
Geolocation is an important process used to identify the geographical origin of transmissions to a satellite and requires specialized measurement equipment located around the globe  managed and operated by skilled engineers. The new service proposed by the SDA offers a support matrix between satellite operators whereby they will share resources and expertise to locate sources of interference. Members who are subject to interference on any of their satellites can now count on a system and a process to engage support from other SDA members and request help in performing a geolocation.
Interference continues to cause problems for satellite operators and can be disruptive to customer services. When it occurs, and in the absence of Carrier-ID for the interfering carrier, geolocation is an important tool that enables quick and efficient resolution. Once located, satellite operators can then take the necessary steps to resolve the interference. The new service is currently available free of charge to all SDA members.“

"The SDA is actively pursuing its policy of information exchange and cooperation in order to ensure quality of service for the satellite communications community,” said Mark Rawlins, Chairman of the Space Data Association. “In offering this service, we will be able to help our members resolve interference issues quickly and efficiently. Interference is an industry issue. A problem affecting one member today may affect another tomorrow.