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February 1st, 2016
NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First New-Fangled Integrated-Photonics Modem
...that could transform everything from telecommunications, medical imaging, advanced manufacturing to national defense.
Two Instruments For JPSS To Be Produced By Raytheon
These are the fourth and fifth VIIRS units Raytheon has been contracted to build.
A Swede Launch....TEXUS 53 Launched From Esrange Space Center
...is a sounding rocket program with the primary aim to investigate the properties and behaviour of materials, chemicals and biological substances in a microgravity environment.
Launcher Contract Is Assigned To Thales Alenia Space Belgium By Airbus Safran Launchers
The main function of the range safety system is to neutralize the launcher if its trajectory endangers people or property.
Better Beaming With NSSLGlobal
The company's VSAT network already covers 95 percent of the Earth’s surface, including all of the world’s major commercial shipping routes, mining areas, offshore oil rigs and fishing domains.
UAE Public Satellite Service License Granted By UAE To Inmarsat
The license gives Inmarsat permission to offer its services to public and private sector users.
Damage Maps From NASA Could Assist When Future Quakes Strike
Quickly assessing and communicating where the hardest-hit areas are and prioritizing which regions or communities have the greatest need for first-response teams is difficult when a disaster unevenly devastates various parts of a large area.
NASA Announces Lucky Cubesats... Science, Technology Missions for First Flight Of Space Launch System
...air a demonstration of the Near-Earth Asteroid Scout (NEA Scout), a CubeSat that uses solar sail propulsion for low-cost exploration and reconnaissance of an asteroid.
From Esri, An Interactive 3D Globe—Cost Free—For Spatial Data Visualization + Exploration
ArcGIS Earth allows users to quickly display data on the globe, sketch place marks, measure distances and areas, and add annotations to easily understand spatial information.
Eutlesat 65 West A Marches Along At Arianespace In Preparation For March Launch
...was installed atop the workhorse vehicle's already-assembled components: the core cryogenic stage and two solid propellant boosters.
SpaceX To Take 2016 Space Achievement Award @ Space Symposium Opening Ceremony
“Space is a risky business, but SpaceX continues to push the envelope in innovation, moving humanity forward.
SDA To Assist Members With The Interference Struggle
Geolocation is an important process used to identify the geographical origin of transmissions to a satellite and requires specialized measurement equipment located around the globe  managed and operated by skilled engineers.
NSR Asks Capacity @ What Cost?
...offers a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of why satellite capacity pricing is evolving as it is, and where it may go in the future.
Harris Digs Digital... Offers All Digital Navigation Payload For US Air Force's GPS III SV 11 + Beyond 
The features provide greater flexibility, affordability and accuracy versus existing satellites and include ...
Kratos Offers A 'Freebie'...The World Teleport Association's Report, The Teleport Of Tomorrow
As a sponsor of the report, Kratos is providing a complimentary copy of the report for a limited time.
Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Claim Success With Aerojet Rocketdyne's DACS In MDA Test
The design, development and qualification of these design improvements were performed at Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Los Angeles site.
Moving On Up... STN Appoints Anderson As New GM
Anderson has decades of experience leading internationally diverse, multi-cultural and multi-disciplined business teams on a global basis.
There's A New Aljazeera Bouquet Launching On The Es'hail-1 Satellite
The new Al Jazeera bouquet is being broadcast in HD, with content from Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera English.