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April 27th, 2020

Satcoms Innovation Group Welcomes PEKASAT SE

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has announced PEKASAT SE as the organization's first startup member — PEKASAT specializes in spectrum management and frequency coordination of satellite networks.

SIG has introduced a startup membership tier following the organization's recent restructure. The objective of its introduction is to promote the group’s accessibility to innovative startup companies within the satellite communications industry. SIG promotes innovation within the satellite communication industry with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing impact.

PEKASAT delivers solutions for spectrum management within satellite communications. Their software, Skycoor, has been developed for the analysis of satellite networks located in geostationary orbit. It both assesses the risk of interference between selected satellites as well as identifies the cause of interference incidents. Additionally, PEKASAT owns an orbital slot for GEO which is available for lease. The firm is involved within the ground station segment where services to LEO/MEO and GEO satellite operators are offered.

In addition to the startup tier, SIG has recently introduced its free academic Membership. Other membership tiers include director, full and associate.

Michal Silling, Sales Manager, PEKASAT commented that joining SIG is set to be beneficial for the company as it allows for the exchange of thoughts and ideas with other professionals and organizations within the industry. Managing spectrum is key in delivering high-quality satellite services and the company feels it’s an important discussion within SATCOM.

Helen Weedon, SIG Managing Director, added that SIG feels it is hugely valuable to welcome startup companies to the group. SIG sees many innovative and original solutions from smaller organizations and it’s important that they are provided with a platform to discuss the challenges of the SATCOM industry. PEKASAT is set to bring extensive knowledge around spectrum management, a topic which remains hugely relevant due to the changing landscape within SATCOM.

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) aims to promote innovation in the satellite communication industry to improve operational efficiency and reduce impact, saving time and money. As an open forum to generate innovative thinking, SIG enables the industry to come together and discuss current challenges. This helps manufacturers and service providers to deliver innovations and solutions that respond more precisely to those challenges. Those solutions will then be promoted through SIG channels, including events, website, social media, and in discussions with SIG’s industry network.