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May 14th, 2020

Good Signals for RBC Signals ... CEO Richins Selected for Karman Fellowship Program


Christopher Richins CEO of RBC Signals has been selected to become a Karman Fellow, a member of the Karman Fellowship Program. The fellows originate from 15 countries and five continents and represent a cross-section of industry, startup, finance, agency, arts and non-profit sectors. All were handpicked from a 179-person pool of carefully considered candidates from around the world. Jean-Jacques Dordain, former director general of the European Space Agency, chaired the 20-member Selection Board. 

Richins will participate in the inaugural cohort of the Karman Fellowship program. Bringing together a select group of industry and global changemakers shaping the future of space, the program aims to provide a unique opportunity for fellows to strengthen mutual relations, meet with global leaders and design common agendas. Richins is one of just 15 selected for the prestigious fellowship.

Christopher Richins, CEO of RBC Signals said that the Karman Project’s mission to positively impact the space industry through multinational connection and collaboration is more important than ever. To be selected as a Karman Fellow and join a diverse group of this caliber is an incredible honor.

The Karman Project strengthens personal relations, fosters independent dialogue and encourages cooperation between global leaders in business, technology, politics, science and the arts who want to positively impact space. The Karman Project is a non-profit and independent foundation headquartered in Germany.

The Board ranked all candidates based on five criteria: exceptional achievement; contribution across industries and counties; strategic vision and future impact; core values (integrity, passion, inclusiveness); and interaction with the Karman Project. Over the course of one year, agendas shaped by the fellows are pursued through tangible and measurable commitments.

RBC Signals is a global space communications provider serving government and commercial satellite operators with an improved model for the delivery and processing of data from spacecraft in orbit. The company’s worldwide communication network includes both company-owned and partner-owned antennas, capitalizing on the sharing economy model, for best-in-class services offering affordability, flexibility and low latency.