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June 6th, 2012

IDATE Gets Cirrus About Cloud Computing, Big Data, And DigiWorld Institute

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IDATE publishes a report which explores the various technical and economic issues bound up with Cloud Computing and Big Data – giving readers a deeper understanding of these concepts that are the subject of so much talk today. Among the examined key points is the critical role that Data Centers play when implementing technical solutions. Readers will also get a detailed profile of the players, both public and private sector, who are shaping the market.

Data treatment process

Cloud Computing is also a major facilitator of the shift to Big Data, enabling real-time management of massive datasets that had previously been available only from data warehouses. Key technologies have emerged, including NoSQL and Hadoop inspired by Google’s MapReduce, that make it possible to manage huge quantities of unstructured data, most of it on the web, along with parallel computing to reduce processing time. There are many potential applications for this, but they have not yet really been put into application except by those few rare undertaking that have control over their own infrastructure and have mastered datamining solutions. Big Data is still in the very early stages, but is expected to prove beneficial to those capable of collecting massive amounts of data, such as Facebook, Apple and Google.

IDATE Creates The DigiWorld Institute 

Learn more about DigiWorld here.

Founded in 1977, IDATE has gained a reputation as a leader in tracking telecom, Internet and media markets, as a result of the teams of specialized analysts. Currently there are close to 40 member companies including many of the digital economy’s most influential players. The newly rebranded DigiWorld Institute has entered into a new stage of its development, structured around three main areas of activity:

  • IDATE Research—An independent observatory whose task is to keep a close and continual watch on digital world industries, collect relevant data and provide benchmark analyses on market developments and innovations in the telecom, internet and media sectors – through its comprehensive collection of market reports and market watch services.
  • IDATE Consulting—Time-tested analysis and consultancy solutions. Our teams of economists and engineers have established their credibility and independence through the hundreds of research and consulting assignments they perform every year, on behalf of top industry players and public authorities.
  • DigiWorld Institute—A European forum open on the world. The Digiworld Institute will take existing IDATE initiatives, such as DigiWorld Summit, and the monthly clubs in Paris, London and Brussels, to the next level. Members have the opportunity to participate in think tanks on the core issues that will shape the industry’s future, drawing on the knowledge of outside experts and the Institute’s own teams.