Satnews Daily
November 20th, 2014

NSR Pounds The BRICS + Offers SATCOM Capacity Analysis

[SatNews]Originally coined in 2001, and amended in 2010, the BRICS economies have performed exceptionally well, both overall and in satellite telecommunications.

These five markets offer exceptional opportunities for satellite telecom, and for the first time, NSR offers a comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand for satellite capacity in each country market. Undoubtedly, these markets will provide great growth opportunities moving forward. This report assesses current and future requirements, by country, by application and by frequency platform, offering key insights for industry players looking to navigate and gain insights into each country market’s future supply and demand potential. The report enables satellite operators and service providers to anticipate competitive developments in order to protect as well as expand their market position in both existing and new segments that offer long-term revenue opportunities.

This report answers the key questions concerning each BRICS country market:

  • How is the demand picture per application changing and evolving in each country?
  • What is the “right” or optimal supply mix that best serve or maximize ROI over a 10-15 year period?
  • How should the satellite industry evolve in order to increase its competitive position within key applications?
  • What are the “battleground applications” per country and which solution will win?
  • What are the revenue prospects per application within each country?
  • How are long-term price trends affected by the interplay of supply and demand in a changing competitive landscape and solution mix?

The study is a valuable resource that:

  • Provides insights into where the demand picture is heading per application
  • Analyses the relationship between demand, supply, fill rates and price movements
  • Shows a detailed assessment of frequency choices

Key assessments undertaken include:

  • Country-specific metrics and the possible migration and evolution of the solution mix
  • Application-specific  assessment of satellite services
  • Analysis of whether capacity will become commoditized

The detailed assessment of each country market relies on the latest results reported as well as input from key vendors that are currently the market leaders in the BRICS markets. This provides a solid quantitative and qualitative basis from which a comprehensive analysis of trends and market forecasts can be drawn.

There is additional information available at this infopage.