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January 22nd, 2018

Satellogic Creates Geo-Analytical Group and Plans a Double SmallSat Launch

Satellogic has launched a new geo-analytical solutions group that will work hand-in-hand with the company's clients to provide responsive data and data analysis support for immediate impact on business decision-making and competitiveness.

Satellogics’s solutions leverage its low-cost and increasingly high-recurrence data to allow customers unprecedented analysis opportunities using data provided by the company’s high-resolution sensors. These include both 1 meter resolution multi-spectral cameras, as well as the only currently available 30 meter resolution hyperspectral sensors in orbit. The solutions use the company’s own artificial intelligence platform, designed to deal with huge data sets (petabyte+) and fuse the company’s proprietary data with third-party datasets to extract timely business insights for applications in agriculture, energy, market intelligence, financial industries and others.

Satellogic controls its own data collection opportunities in light of client needs and has the ability to optimize its analytical processes using distributed on-satellite computing. Solution types include:

  • Smart data layers - geographic information enhanced with space-based analytics, e.g. land cover, crop yield, change maps, etc.
  • Asset watch - object and infrastructure monitoring, including change and anomaly detection
  • Economic indicators - geo-located economic statistics and metrics, in support of socioeconomic decision-making


The next two satellites in the Satellogic constellation, planned to launch in early February, are called Ada and Maryam. They are named after the two renowned female mathematicians Ada Lovelace and recently deceased Fields Medal laureate Maryam Mirzakhani. Both contain two sensors: a 1 meter multi-spectral (red, green, blue, near infrared) and a 30 meter hyperspectral (30 bands).

The new solutions team is based in Barcelona, home to some of the top European universities as well as multiple industrial AI R&D teams. The team is led by renowned data science veteran Dr. Marco Bressan. (https://es.linkedin.com/in/mbressan)

Emiliano Kargieman, CEO and founder of Satellogic, stated that the company “Satellogic is building an engine to understand the planet and monitor its ongoing evolution due to man made and natural forces. The firm's focus is on real-world problems, where the scalability of the company's constellation of smallsats gives Satellogic the unique ability to deploy new sensors and collect richer, higher-resolution and more frequent data of Earth at an affordable cost. Pairing this new infrastructure with the correct expertise in image and data analytics, and working closely with customers, are the keys to unlocking the true value of this technology.

The definitive event for those involved, or interested, in the global smallsat business and user community is commencing in Silicon Valley, California, from February 5 through 8 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View — SmallSat Symposium 2018. To register for this upcoming major event, or to learn more, please access https://smallsatshow.com.