Satnews Daily
December 17th, 2014

Globecomm + Tanzania Support Foundation Bring Computers + Hope Of A Bright Future To Rural African School

[SatNews] "Technology is our business and we are proud to donate the equipment to such a good cause. "

Globecomm announced today that it has donated desktop computers to a school in the Tanzanian village of Selela to aid the mission of the Tanzanian Support Foundation that helps small communities become more self-sufficient in education, healthcare, hygiene and clean water.  A total of 14 computers, which were last used for e-welfare support for military operations in Afghanistan, and associated equipment will reach the school in 2015.  The Foundation has also contracted with an organization called Viafrica to provide installation, maintenance and training for teachers and students. 

The efforts of Globecomm and the Tanzania Suppport Foundation are matched by the Montessori Lyceum Flevoland (MLF), a secondary school in Almere, Netherlands.  A workgroup of teachers and students from the school, calling itself “Project S,” has raised money and purchased teaching materials to improve education at the Selela school.  A student group led by two teachers will travel to Selela in 2015 to give the Tanzanian students computer lessons and familarize them with the technology. 

Globecomm is lucky to have these enthusiastic and knowledgeable partners,” said Globecomm CEO Keith Hall.  “Technology is our business and we are proud to donate the equipment to such a good cause.  The Foundation and Project S will make sure that the gift of technology delivers on its potential.”

Globecomm was introduced to the Foundation by one of the company’s employees, system engineer Tristan Linnenbank, who is based at Globecomm Europe in the Netherlands. 

“Our school is grateful for the donation of Globecomm,” said Kitty Kill, communications manager for the Montessori Lyceum Flevoland and a member of Project S.  “With the donation of the computers and other devices, the students of our school will able to help the students in Selela get connected with the world. Together we have been able to make the students in this small African village more self-supportive. We teach our own students awareness and to take care of the environment. Using pre-used computers is an excellent form of recycling and sustainability.”  

Based in Hauppauge, New York, Globecomm is a global communications provider serving government and commercial markets in over 80 countries.