Satnews Daily
December 12th, 2016

ISI Selected For Smarts... Integrated Intelligence Services


ImageSat International N.V.'s (ISI) EROS B very high resolution satellite will be providing intelligence to an African country with tailored reports that will enhance the country’s capabilities in analyzing multi-source intelligence data, including satellite imagery, and transforming it into actionable information.

According to Noam Segal, the CEO, “The Company’s Intelligence Research Department is made up of intelligence experts with an accumulated experience of hundreds of years in Israel’s most recognized intelligence institutions. This department’s experts and analysts will provide clients with the highest level of professional research and intelligence services, tailored specifically to their needs.” 

He continued, “Intelligence as a Service was designed to meet the needs of many countries and organizations for additional intelligence capabilities with the important strategic enhancement of space-based visual data. The service is also planned to include, in the future, on-the-job training for end-users to develop their independent capabilities in interrogating and processing data from multiple sources including satellites. Intelligence as a Service provides our customers detailed periodical reports with significant operational value”. 

“What is unique about our service” Mr. Segal says, “is that it combines several exclusive capabilities that are enabled by the deep understanding and experience of almost two decades in operating space-based intelligence missions – from tasking the satellite to analyzing the data”. 

“We are pleased that such an important customer in Africa realizes what enormous operational value our Intelligence as a Service can provide.”