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October 3rd, 2018

AUDACY's Commercial Agreements Abound to the Tune of More than a Hundred Million Dollars

Audacy has achieved a significant milestone by securing pre-service commercial agreements valued at more than US$100 million.

The companies represented in these agreements span across the globe and over a wide range of space applications including NGSO Earth Observation (EO) satellites, IoT and Broadband constellations, launch vehicles and deep space missions. More than half of the agreements are made with companies taht are headquartered in the U.S. The remaining agreements are split between Europe and Asia-Pacific, which includes countries such as China, Japan, India, Australia and Singapore. Among the regions, Audacy’s biggest growth has been in Asia-Pacific, where the company increased its exposure significantly with the opening of its Singapore office last year.

Space data demand in LEO is growing dramatically; as many as 20,000 new satellites are projected to enter service in the next five years — they will all need a method for transmitting data back to the ground. Much of the current growth in space communications is focused on expanding ground networks but because more than two-thirds of the earth is covered in water, spacecrafts can never achieve more than about 60 percent communications time, no matter the number of ground antennas built. Only space-based networks can achieve continuous coverage anywhere in LEO.

Audacy’s ground teleports will be available for commercial use in early 2019, and its relay satellites will enter commercial service in 2020.

Executive Comment

Sreesh Reddy, Head of Business Development in Audacy’s U.S. Office, said that the company’s space-based network allows operators to obtain real-time data in space, revolutionizing the way the world uses space data and enabling new applications. Achieving US$100 Million in pre-service agreements has exceeded the firm's original projections by a significant margin and clearly validates that Audacy’s value proposition of always-on connectivity is a much-needed solution.