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June 3rd, 2015

EUMETSAT + Signal Engineering ...Certifies OmniSat-3 Transmitter For High Data Rate DCP Through Meteosat Satellites 

[SatNews] EUMETSAT certified the operation of the OmniSat-3 transmitter for use in High Data Rate DCP (HRDCP). The HRDCP offers significant improvements in throughput and reliability of DCP message transmitted through the Meteosat satellites.

The new generation of DCP transmitters apply Forward Error Correction (FEC) coding technology to reduce interference and, thereby, give a substantial system improvement.

This new HRDCP is now available to the user community for meteorological and hydrological applications.

Signal Engineering's OmniSat-3 DCP transmitter has been certified against the latest EUMETSAT standards for High Data Rate (@1200 bps) and Standard Data Rate (@100 bps) transmissions. The DCP is certified for operation on any channel and supports Self-Timed and Alert Reporting.

The OmniSat-3 is also certified in the US to the GOES Version 2 DCP standard for 300 bps and 1200 bps operation.

Signal Engineering has provided Meteosat and GOES transmitters to the world market since 1993.