Satnews Daily
September 6th, 2016

Quality Improvements At NorthTelecom Teleport To Be Provided By CPI's ASC Signal Division

Set to address and enhance a range of verticals in the APAC region, the ASC Signal Division of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) has been awarded a contract for four, 7.6 meter C- and Ku-band capable antenna from NorthTelecom.

The antenna will be installed at one of the company’s teleports and, according to ASC Signal, the four antennas will incorporate ASC’s Next Generation Controller (NGC).  The award includes training services for the NGC controller. 

NorthTelecom, which operates multiple teleports, provides satellite Internet access, point-to-point solutions, private, networks and hubs on a variety of platforms that include iDirect (TDMA, SCPC), SCPC and DVB-S2. With their teleport backbone in Europe and Asia, the company provides a range of services, including broadcast, maritime and satellite trunking. Along with VSAT Internet services, the company provides capacity for these different operating sectors, as well in support of the oil and gas industry and for ISPs worldwide. NorthTelecom also provides virtual network operations to help its clients offset the cost of fixed satellite infrastructure investments. The new facilities will be equipped with state of the art ground equipment as well as our high qualified and competence team on the ground.

According to Keith Buckley, the president of the ASC Signal Division, these antenna will support NorthTelecom's continuous quality improvement investments as well as play a role in that firm's ability to process diverse bi-directional traffic types, all the while automatically controlling multiple space and ground segment resources.”