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March 5th, 2020

RUAG Space Celebrates 700 Satellite Separations with Their Space Minister 

The Swedish Space Minister Matilda Ernkrans on top of RUAG’s dispenser. Copyright of picture: RUAG Space, Hejdlösa. 

A most unusual photo was revealed today at RUAG in Linköping, Sweden, with the celebration of their 700th satellite separation. As part of the celebration in attendance was the Swedish space minister Matilda Ernkrans.

In February RUAG Space has successfully placed over 700 satellites in space. Peter Guggenbach, Executive Vice President of RUAG Space said that this is a huge achievement which highlights the outstanding capabilities they have in satellite separation. 

The 700 successful satellite separations are the result of a long and trusted collaboration with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as an increasingly advanced position in the commercial space industry in recent years. Guggenbach continued saying that for them, every separation is an exciting achievement. They can offer a 100 percent reliability and are able to meet customer expectations in the extreme environment of space.

The next OneWeb launch is scheduled for the end of March and will consist of multiple satellites with a separation system on a dispenser manufactured by RUAG Space in Linköping. The dispenser system makes it possible to separate the satellites in a specific order in order to get exactly the right orbit.