Satnews Daily
November 28th, 2016

On The Show Floor — Arabsat On Display At Second Int'l Conference For Satellites

Arab Satellite Communications Organization—Arabsat—will be participating from November 29 to 30, 2016, at the Second International Conference for Satellites in Istanbul, Turkey, known as “The 2nd Global Sat Show.”

During the Conference & Exhibition, there will be several seminars exploring the satellite market, TV satellite broadcasting technology, mobility telecommunications, 5G and broadband. Additionally, Arabsat is currently working on several important strategic projects to operate many of its new orbital positions and to meet the growing demand of customers'' needs, maintaining the firm's reputation among customers as the best option for providing all TV broadcasting, Telecommunications and Broadband Satellite Services.

Eng. Khalid ben Ahmed Balkheyour, the President & CEO of Arabsat, said, "The conference will explore the cooperation between regional and international satellite operators with the participation of operators from all over the world.  During the conference and exhibition, we will showcase Arabsat services and its satellites coverage, which includes the Middle East, Europe, Africa and large parts of Asia via Arabsat 4th and 5th generation satellites, as well as the upcoming 6th generation satellites, scheduled to be launched next year. The Arabsat fleet of satellites is linking the three continents where Arabsat has ground stations providing TV, telecommunication and broadband satellite services with full on orbit back up. "