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November 28th, 2016
Orbital ATK's Cygnus A Performance Artist In Space... No Trapeze Necessary For These Space Experiments
“The OA-5 mission was filled with numerous accomplishments...”
These Spire Small Sats Aspire To Become A First ... Cygnus Was Raised To A New Altitude
While Cygnus vehicles have deployed cubesats after departing the station, this was the first time that the Cygnus raised its orbit above the ISS ...
Funding For ADS-B & AIS-Signals Smallsat Constellation Secured
The objective of A&M is to own and operate a constellation of nanosatellites to be launched into a low-inclination Equatorial orbit.
Experts To Assemble In London For The In-Flight Online Revolution
The broader implications of strong aeronautical connectivity growth to be the focus...
EO Synergies To Be Developed Thru EARSC & Japan Space Systems
The memorandum serves to provide a framework for understanding and cooperation between the Parties to achieve their common goals...
Home On The Range... RF, That Is...
All models provide 1 dB gain compression output power of at least +20 dBm with higher output levels optional up to 10 watts.
On The Show Floor — Arabsat On Display At Second Int'l Conference For Satellites
There will be several seminars exploring the satellite market, TV satellite broadcasting technology, mobility telecommunications, 5G and broadband.
According To NSR, An Optimistic Future For the M2M/IoT Industry
While competition within the M2M market will increase, opportunities also exist, such as dual-mode solutions...
Harnessing Geospatial Data Webinar Opens The Door For Breakthrough Apps Builds
The webinar will be held on December 8th at 10:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST
ViaLite Reveals A New DC Office
The changes fall in line with a number of product and service developments in 2016...
New Maritime Group Will Result From Apax Partners Acquisition Of Telemar Group
Telemar and Marlink will become the world’s leading maritime communications, digital solutions and servicing specialist for all customer segments at sea...
South African Students' Satellite Set Up
The satellite's payload will send back detailed thermal imaging data twice a day to help disaster prevention and improve food security in the region.
Kiwis Put Rocket Lab's Test Flight On Hold... Maybe A Santa Conflict?
Rocket Lab's first test flight has been delayed... just a bit.
VSAT & Broadband To Pump In $133.7 Billion In 2015 to 2025 Service Revenues
This new NSR report forecasts the global installed base for fixed VSATs to increase by 12.2 million by 2025...
GEE Rugby On The Sea... And In The Air... Follow The Bouncing Ball 
You can whoop and holler (in a polite manner) as you watch your team while enroute to your destination, and, when you arrive you don't have to ask, "who won?"  
Brazil's EchoStar 23 To Launch In The New Year... And Report About SpaceX Explosion 
SpaceX is expected to inform insurance underwriters about the cause of the September 1 failure,