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March 30th, 2015

SES Government Solutions + XipLink Join Forces To Deliver... Moving From SkyPipe™ To XipOS

[SatNews] XipLink, provider of wireless link optimization, announced that SES Government Solutions (SES GS) has entered into an agreement to deliver advanced acceleration and optimization technology to the U.S. Government. This relationship is critical for existing SkyPipe™users who will move from the legacy SkyPipe™ environment to the new XipOS system. XipOS provides Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Acceleration using the Space Communications Protocol Standard (SCPS), byte caching for data de-duplication, link balancing-bonding to virtually increase link capacities with high availability and more bandwidth to support a new generation of High Throughput Satellites (HTS). 

The agreement has several benefits for SES GS and their customers. XipOS is available for maximizing capacities from small handhelds to HTS. It also provides a faster user experience with new Fast Start and Byte Caching capabilities. The XipOS product has been tested and is ideally suited to complement Type 1, Suite B and other encryption methods.

"XipLink gives us the flexibility we need to deploy acceleration and optimization technology to the U.S. Government. Their optimization appliances are an ideal fit for the SES GS strategy to provide mission critical capacity to our Government customers at a lower cost per bit," said
Pete Hoene, President and CEO of SES GS. "We have been working with XipLink as an organization for many years and are thrilled to formalize this relationship.”

"XipLink provides scalable and fully interoperable solutions across a wide product line including appliances, virtual machine deployments and single board computer integrations. By teaming with SES GS, we can offer the government a market-leading TCP accelerator as well as next-generation Wireless Link Optimization capabilities for Web, UDP and TCP traffic", reported XipLink CEO Jack Waters. "We have a wonderful long-term relationship with the SES GS team and look forward to providing a positive impact to their solutions.” 

The problems with sending Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) traffic over long-delay and high-bit error links – such as satellite links – are the result of a congestion control scheme that was designed for terrestrial networks. TCP requires that the destination host provide regular acknowledgements to the source to indicate that an error-free packet has successfully arrived. If the source does not receive an acknowledgement within a certain period of time of sending a packet, TCP will assume network congestion, and will decrease data throughput.

SkyPipe® is a client-server application. The SkyPipe® clients are offered in either a software version or a pocket-sized, USB-powered hardware client, the SkyPipe® Eos. SkyPipe® is a particularly useful solution for users of the Inmarsat BGAN high-speed data service and VSAT networks – and ideally suited for those who employ government encryption devices to secure their mobile networks.