Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2011

Globecomm Chosen By The Show Me State To Host And Extend

[SatNews] Now Chariton Valley can integrate multivendor wireless network infrastructures, while gaining a more stable, profitable and reliable network.

Globecomm Systems Inc. [NASDAQ: GCOM] announced today that Missouri RSA 5 Partnership d/b/a Chariton Valley Wireless Services (Chariton Valley), a locally owned and operated wireless company providing state-of-the-art communications to Northeast Missouri, has chosen Globecomm to host the carrier’s enhanced and extended GSM wireless network.

The Globecomm solution allows Chariton Valley to more closely integrate multivendor wireless network infrastructures, while gaining a more stable, reliable network capable of supporting growing revenues for a longer period of time.

Globecomm's multi-technology, flexible wireless platform enables 2G and 3G operators to cost-effectively migrate to 4G/LTE. Wireless carriers can turn to Globecomm for one-stop network solutions, including hosted and managed network services, design and integration, and backhaul capabilities for terrestrial and satellite communications.

Andy Silberstein, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Services with Globecomm, said: “For Chariton Valley Wireless, we bring skills to the table that add measurable value to their core network. Our specialists are now working to re-architect the Chariton Valley wireless network to further enhance both stability and reliability.”

Jim Simon, General Manager, with Chariton Valley, said: “Our relationship with Globecomm really positions us for the future. Through their hosted wireless service, we gain base station capabilities and control without the need to invest directly in this technology. And by extending the useful life of our current wireless network, Globecomm also allows us to drive new roaming revenues over a longer period of time.”